Sunday, February 5, 2012


One of the great parts of this project is that I have no idea what kind of mail Bubbles will be getting for his birthday. There will be TONS of surprises in there. Here are a few schemes that I happen to be privy to.

1.    Lots of people are recycling cards—birthday cards, sympathy cards, Valentines, Christmas cards and sweet 16 cards.  All great!

2.    A sailing friend of mine found that a local thrift shop sells bags of cards for $1. She bought 3!

3.    A friend in Philadelphia is sending several cards, one of which has a napkin with a lipstick print in it.

4.    Four of us had a brainstorming dinner that resulted in a group of people getting together and creating a fabulous puzzle, all centered on one of my family’s running jokes. I just saw some photos and they’re AMAZING. I can’t spill the beans on the puzzle until he solves it because I’d like for there to be surprises in it for Mom too, but you’ll love the brilliance of it when it is safe to share. (Hey Mom-- You’re going to laugh so hard. I’m anticipating a lady-like snort! I can’t wait!)

5.    A friend of a friend found a card that has a picture of a donkey on it, accompanied by the words, “Am I supposed to be wishing you a happy birthday?' and on the inside it says, 'You bet your sweet a** I am!'

6.    My friend, T’s mom is sending a card that she bought for a cousin’s 20th birthday and never mailed. On the front it says, “You’re not a teenager anymore…” I’m thinking that deserves a good belly laugh from the old man. 

7.    And finally, a college friend of mine is sending a series of postcards that she’s picked up on her travels. Each card has a line or two from “Happy Birthday” such that the whole series will be the complete song. I believe she’s mailing one a day so that it takes time for the song to be complete.

I love seeing so much creativity and so many people really stretching in what’s possible. People have been willing to share a silly scheme with their friends, and have their students take part, and dig through selections of cards (old or new) to find ones that are just right.  The creativity’s amazing and the stretches inspiring. Keep it coming, folks. Keep it coming!

p.s. Being in on the anticipation’s fun, eh?!

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