Monday, February 6, 2012

One of a Million

I shared this project with a group of second graders last week, and they got on board with making cards. It was such fun to share this idea with them, and play with scale using base ten blocks.

How big is 2,000? If 2,000 is the goal, what does that look like in ones? In tens? etc.

And if there are 2,000 cards coming, does Peter's still matter? Does Selma's? They were so, so great. They got it. The scale is huge, AND each individual contribution makes a difference. 

So we set to work and the cards are great. One card says, "Dear Bubbles, Happy 75th Birthday! I hope this is one of a million cards." That kiddo is up for a million, and I love that. Here I was setting my sights on a measly 2,000! :)

So let me state officially that the new goal is 10,000 cards. TEN THOUSAND!  

Would anyone like to research the Guinness Record for the most birthday cards ever received? A friend mentioned it this morning and I think it'd be hilarious if we reached that. Not my goal, but icing on the cake, as they say! 

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